Children and youth deserve a caring community that empowers them to achieve their goals in the classroom and beyond. In order to do so, racism and other inequalities in our educational system and society must be acknowledged and addressed. The Communities In Schools of Washington network exists to build on student strengths and overcome systemic barriers through advocacy, partnerships and individualized social-emotional supports.

Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from the Washington CIS Network

One of the main tenets of the mission and vision of Communities In Schools of Whatcom-Skagit is to empower students to succeed in school and in life, despite immediate and systemic barriers. To that end, our team is committed to strengthen community building alliances and restorative practices  that result in bridges of understanding, respect, racial equity, and inclusion for all, so that all children live in a country where they are celebrated for their diversity and treated fairly, not as a privilege, but as a right.

Statement from CIS of Whatcom-Skagit Executive Director Ario E. Salazar


Our hope at CIS of Whatcom-Skagit is that as a community we undeniably affirm that the legitimate issues of racism and police brutality, addressed by Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist/anti-discriminatory initiatives in our region, are  Human Rights issues that require a democratic and compassionate community response, a courageous commitment to step out of ourselves to empathize with the suffering of others, and the resolve to lift everyone up by working towards ending racism and discrimination everywhere in the U.S.  

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