Amirah believes the next generation is the most important generation, as she believes we leave our lives in their hands. 

Amirah has worked with children in many different ways..her recent work experience involves working with multiple age groups within her church and babysitting. Amirah also a big sister, she takes great pride in that title because she gets to help her siblings grow and watch them grow. 

During her senior year of high school, she led a violence prevention group, mentoring freshmen. With the goal in mind to create and keep a peaceful environment within the school. It was really cool to see the kids start to open up to each other and themselves . It was an amazing experience and ever since then she has wanted to continue to be involved in the mentorship of the younger generation. In the midst of this pandemic Amirah decided to find a job that gave her a sense of purpose and fulfillment, CIS has done exactly that. 

Amirah is also a soon to be children’s book author, her creativity isn’t just on paper, but in all forms of art. Whether that is coloring, painting, drawing or playing an instrument. Amirah also has interest in glass blowing and any art form where you might have to get a little dirty. Amirah also enjoys going on long hikes and exploring off trails. She also likes to shop and is a big foodie. 

Amirah has always had an interest in helping people grow. She believes in bettering herself day by day and believes that everyday is a new day to be the best you. She a strong believer in perseverance and believes in the power of understanding our emotions and the power of finding healthy coping mechanisms. Amirah is also an advocate for children to learn how to use their voices in a healthy way so they can understand their emotions and so they can be properly heard. She has always wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself and enjoys the opportunity to work in a place that allows me to do so in an even greater way. 

Amirah is excited to be able to help teach kids how to advocate for themselves and what they need. She believes in giving children a voice and bringing the community even closer together. Amirah is excited to get to know each child that walks through my door and to get the opportunity to help children