We are so grateful for our partners at Mount Vernon Hope Coalition for enthusiastically supporting Wellness Wednesday at LaVenture Middle School this month.

“Wellness Wednesdays is a time to focus on self care and do fun crafts and enrichment activities together. Taking care of yourself is very important, especially in a time where we are not having a lot of face to face interaction. Self care is about taking care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally, which can be done in many ways.”

Leah Shearer, Site Coordinator at LaVenture Middle School

This month’s Wellness Wednesday activity for LaVenture Middle School students was entirely student-led from the beginning. Students voted for this as their March/Spring Break activity, and Leah has already signed up more than 25 students to participate. Students will get a disposable camera – something that almost none of them knew existed – and have the opportunity to take photos of what is bringing them joy and hope in this moment of their lives. After Spring Break, students will return the cameras to Leah who will develop the film. Each student participant will get to keep the copies of their photos, and share with the rest of the group what is bringing them joy and hope.

The MV Hope Coalition was eager to help with funding since this project and the Wellness Wednesday program in general aligns well with their mission to promote community collaboration and coalition, increase hope, and decrease drug use and abuse among youth.