This is my second year at Shuksan Middle School and we are off to a great start! This second year has been wonderful!

Last year was building relationships and trust with students, this year meant I was able to jump in with programs, activities and check in with students’ on a regular basis without having to start from the ground zero. Something that has resonated with me is how relationships take time to build. They take work. I have been working closely with a group of 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls throughout each week that need extra adult support. We are working to build trust with one another, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, to grow in the confidence of who we are as individuals and how to listen respectfully to one another. I love that my job is working with middle school students, encouraging them to grow as a person and to build confidence in their talents. I am excited to see what the school year, 2014-2015 brings!
-Molly Anderson
CIS Resource Coordinator at Shuksan Middle School