While spending time in classrooms this past month, I met and started forming a relationship with a third-grader, Sara.  She is sweet and friendly, and I noticed she is still a “striving reader and writer,” meaning those academic areas do not come so easily to her.  I learned through talking to her teacher and the school counselor that Sara mjesicastoryoved to the United States from Guatemala in the middle of last school year, and is still a new English speaker.  While her speaking skills are incredible, she was testing at lower grade levels in reading and writing.  I started sitting with Sara during reader’s and writer’s workshops in class and helped her with phonics and spelling.  Additionally, her teacher created a plan to help her develop writing skills.  Through this plan and one-on-one assistance, Sara’s writing and reading skills are starting to improve.  We will continue working together to support her improvement of academic skills, as well as work with her family on any needs a recent U.S. resident may have.