I work for Communities in Schools at Squalicum High School and have gotten to know a lot of the students very well. There are a handful of students that are not involved in any of my formal structured programming but come into my office to chat, eat a treat (donated by Woods Coffee) and then go on their way. One girl has really touched my heart as we have bonded over the last 4 months and she recently told me she wants to work with high schoolers now because she sees how much I have made an impact in her life and she wants to do the same when she is older. If just listening and sharing youtube videos with her off and on for 4 months has really made a difference with her, then I now realize the reality that small works of kindness and respect are actually huge. Mentorship seems simple and practical, but yet it can often be dismissed. Be kind, loving and compassionate and whether formally or informally, go out and mentor those around you!