Olivia is the new Site Coordinator for West View Elementary School in the Burlington-Edison School District. Olivia was born and raised in Bellingham, but has lived and worked in 3 other states. 

After Graduating from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma with a BA in Sociology, Olivia took some years to work seasonal jobs and travel before returning to Bellingham and getting a job at a local housing nonprofit, working with the eviction prevention program. Social work gave Olivia an understanding of the greater systems that can act as barriers towards success. 

Olivia’s motivation to work with kids comes from having such strong mentors and relationships with coaches as a gymnast during her childhood. This specifically got her interested in how physical movement and exercise can serve to process emotions, can teach us about ourselves, and build confidence. In addition, Olivia feels that physical fitness, done intentionally, can teach us to have positive relationships with our bodies and food, and how to keep ourselves healthy and happy. 

Outside of work Olivia decompresses by being outside as much as possible. In the last couple of years she has been invested in many types of recreation, such as skiing, climbing, mountain biking and surfing. When inside, Olivia loves cooking, hosting parties, and having slow mornings.