Amirah Williams is a Site Coordinator at Cascade Middle School in the Sedro-Woolley School district. She provides the students at CMS with basic needs, supportive mentoring, and social-emotional help that allows them to stay in school and achieve in life.

This year, Amirah added a new student to her caseload who was referred through the student counseling office. Alexis was brought to Amirah having difficulties with her academics. From the very beginning of their relationship, Amirah knew Alexis was capable of anything she put her mind to and just needed support. So Amirah got to work creating a plan to help Alexis improve her grades.

When generating a plan, it’s essential for site coordinators to build steps for achieving the ultimate goal. Amirah and Alexis directed their attention to her math grade, and focused on areas for improvement. The key for achieving this goal of improvement requires consistency from both ends. Amirah states:

A support that is simple, but can often be overlooked is CONSISTENCY. Just having the ability to be a consistent supportive figure in a student’s life plays a huge role.

Alexis consistently attended her classes, study tables, and check-ins with Amirah. By doing this, her connection with Amirah grew stronger and allowed her to reach her full potential. Amirah provided consistency by being a steady supporter and motivator for Alexis to come to school and offered help where it was needed the most.

Amirah is no stranger to the needs of students at Cascade Middle School and not only emphasizes the importance of consistency, but also recognizes and addresses what affects students academic success the most: Mental Health. She states:

Our main job is to support students to achieve in school and in life, and for each student that looks different. Oftentimes with students I work with I’m looking at their mental well being FIRST.

By combining the importance of mental well being and finding academic consistency, Alexis was able to improve her math grade from 33% to 88%! Amirah was thrilled to work with Alexis. “Alexis is great at anything she puts her mind too” she states. Amirah takes her experience with Alexis and molds it accordingly to each student based on their needs.

These students face a lot everyday, and I will stress that my support, and how I show up for students looks different for each student, because they have different lenses on life and what they perceive. I think being a support in a student’s life, no matter what you do affects their whole being and I think that’s an amazing thing. 

Alexis continues to use Amirah’s support in her education and shows great confidence for attending high school next year! Alexis’s success highlights that students are more capable than they know. They can go beyond their own expectations.